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A006: Perfect State

or whichever you want it to be called, is the point of time when long pairs and short pairs gathered at either top or bottom.

The reason for perfect state formation was unknown at that point when trader101 posted in the forum. I am not sure whether he wasn't understand the logic or he was keeping it for himself. I do agree that we should feed too much in the forum though.

It is pretty hard for me to explain the logic behind the formation of perfect state (based on my understanding). It is an equilibrium of market movement (relative to certain point of time) where carry trades being neutralized by anti carry trades. Since the time comparison is different based on existing market condition, no one knows when is the real 'perfect state'.

This has, then, become an art of T101 system. I strongly believe the knowledge of finding the true perfect state will helps T101 system. trader101 suggested the time comparison from beginning of the week. I have used different manner of comparison though.
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