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A010: The Reversal

Trust me, when pairs start to cross jump from top to bottom and vice versa, it is indication of reversal.

However, for you to successfully master T101 system it is not easy.

Remember the true perfect state? The basis of comparison is different for different market condition and therefore you can't really obtain the true perfect state. To be honest, I am not sure too. However, I know this can be built up by experience.

For now, you can take the original T101 system basis of comparison, which is the beginning of the week.

By using the suggested method, plot of hourly relative pair movement in MS Excel (I am using my own MT4 IA for this purposes), you can know better when is the reversal.

As mentioned, ideally reversal should moves in opposite direction towards the opposite perfect state. (From 14 pairs declining pips to 14 pairs gaining pips). Unfortunately, this is not always happen.
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