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A020: Anchor

Anchor is the furthest point of a block.

Sell AUDUSD 500 << Anchor
Sell  NZDJPY 450
Sell  GBPCHF 400
Sell  EURUSD 350
Sell  EURCHF 300
Sell  CHFJPY 250
Sell  USDJPY 200

Buy USDCHF -200
Buy EURGBP -250
Buy NZDUSD -300
Buy GBPUSD -350
Buy EURJPY -400
Buy AUDJPY -450
Buy GBPJPY -500 << Anchor

Anchor can be any pair. It depends on market condition.

At this point of time when I am writing this, EURUSD (positive) and EURJPY (negative) is my setup anchor.

Some uses anchor is an indication of market direction as well. When an anchor pair dislocated even by the pair in the same group, this shows sign of reversal. At different market condition, the indicative of reversal can be different which adds to the difficulty for interpreting the T101 system.
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