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A014: Cross-jump

a.k.a. crossover.

Here is what trader101 says:

1) BUYS that jumps up === BUY (if buy jump to profit you buy)
2) SELLS that jumps down=== BUY (if sell jump to loss you buy)
3) BUYS that jumps down === SELL (if buy jump to loss you sell)
4) SELLS that jumps up === SELL (if sell jump to profit you sell)
Cross-jump happens when market starts to sell gaining pairs.

Assuming positive movement pairs are on top of the 14 pairs, if the buy pairs are positive and moving down (cross-jump) to bottom (in the same time one of the sell pairs will switch place with a buy pair), the market direction is trending to anti carry trades (Short). This is describing scenario (3) & (4) above.

If everyone is selling, who is buying?
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